The Maryland Flipped Classroom Study for Higher Education

“The Flipped Classroom Study”

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Proposal (draft)
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Teaching Philosophy (Outline)
Scheduling and the Flipped Classroom Study
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Academic Restructuring and Shared Governance
Economic Impact of Lync 2013
[ $1,372 benefits per user estimated over three year period.  With 1780 employees at the college in 2010, this would generate a savings of $2,442,160]

The expected benefits of the project include:


  • Increase student outcomes
  • Improve the data on the relative value of different teaching strategies
  • Reduce demand for classroom and parking space
  • Increase the efficiency of work at the college
  • Increase the resilience of college operations

The project is based on three trends in contemporary higher education:

  • Flipping the classroom
  • the Conference Circle approach
  • the move to paperless processes

This project will create the largest study of flipped classrooms ever done.  The study will include faculty members from colleges across the state. There are a number of ways for people to participate. We are in the process of working with faculty members, staff and administrators at Montgomery College to further develop this proposal.  If you have any ideas, suggestions or are interested in participating, please contact the project Director, Dr. Timothy McWhirter (

Project Personnel

            Dr. Timothy McWhirter, Director
Dr. McWhirter is a Professor of Philosophy in the World Languages and Philosophy Department on the Rockville Campus of Montgomery College.  He is a Co-chair of the college sustainability committee.  He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Florida State University and a BA in Philosophy from the University of South Florida.  He served as the Chair of the Communication, Arts and Philosophy Department on the InterAmerican Campus of Miami Dade College and the Coordinator of the Humanities Department at Salt Lake Community College.  While at Salt Lake Community College he also served as the Chair of the Faculty Senate Technology Committee for four years, the chair of the eEducation Advisory Council for three years and was the founder and director of the Online Classroom Project.

            Dr. Joanne Bagshaw, Psychology
Dr. Bagshaw is a professor of psychology on the Germantown Campus of Montgomery College, and a Licensed Professional Counselor in Maryland and Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York. In addition to teaching full-time at MC, she maintains a part-time psychotherapy practice focusing on treating trauma, and working with individuals going through life transitions. Her research interests are in mindfulness and contemplative pedagogy.

            Prof. Judith Stone, Art and Design
Prof. Stone teaches design at the Rockville Campus of Montgomery College, where she is the Special Projects Director in the Art Department. She founded the Rockville Art Department’s Artist in Residency Program and the campus’ annual ArtWalk festival. She also served as the Gallery Director for the department’s Sarah Silberman Gallery for two years. Prof. Stone has taught at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and the University of Maryland College Park.

            Dr. Amanda Truett, Environmental Sciences
Dr. Truett is a professor of Environmental, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences on the Silver Spring/Takoma Park Campus of Montgomery College.  She received her Ph.D. at the University of Maryland in 2007. She has designed, developed, and implemented science curricula for over 26 years at colleges and universities in Maryland, North Carolina and the UK. She has also served as Program Manager of the Sea Watch Foundation Cetacean Monitoring Unit, Oxford, and as Executive Director of The Wildfowl Trust of North America on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where she managed regional science education internships and programs. She took the role of Smithsonian Faculty Fellowship Coordinator in 2010.