Rockville Bicycle Taskforce


Minutes 12/11/2012 (Draft)

North West Corner of the Rockville Campus

Rockville Campus Corner

Fourth of July 2013

The North East Gate of Montgomery Campus was closed on the fourth of July, depriving citizens of access to the Independence Day Celebration.  The public was told that the gate was closed because the college was closed.  But the following Sunday the gate was open.  So many people jumped the fence that the chain links were bent.  After the event, there was a huge traffic jam.

North Gate to CampusNorth Gate to CampusNorth Gate to Campus7_7_2013 0107_7_2013 006


Scarborough Square Gates

Rockville’s smoke free campus.  Cigarette butts find there way onto the other side of the fence.

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Potential smoking areas.

7_7_2013 0357_7_2013 025North Side Rockville Campus